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Date: 20.06.2019
Cyprus Economy
Cyprus Economy
Prices for milk, cheese and eggs at high levels

Day: 20/06/2019 13:59

Customers in Cyprus and Greece pay the highest prices in Europe for "milk, cheese and eggs", according to data released today by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.According to Eurostat in Cyprus the prices for "food and nonalcoholic beverages" stand at the...

House prices dropped by 8% between 2010-2018

Day: 19/06/2019 10:34

House prices, including the purchase of both new and existing houses and flats, have fluctuated significantly since 2006 with annual growth rates in the EU of around 8 % in 2006 and 2007, followed by a fall of 4 % in 2009 as a result of the financial crisis. Prices started growing again in 2014,...

Industrial turnover down 4.7% in March

Day: 20/06/2019 14:03

The Industrial Turnover Index for March 2019 reached 120.6 units (base 2015=100), recording a decrease of 4.7% compared to March 2018, according to data released Thursday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus. For the period January – March 2019, the index showed an increase of 5.4%...

Tourist arrivals down 3.5% in May

Day: 19/06/2019 08:34

Tourist arrivals in May 2019 recorded a decrease of 3.5%, reaching 434,578, compared to 450,495 in May 2018, according the results of the Passenger Survey published Tuesday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus. This is the second month in 2019 that tourist arrivals decrease in Cyprus, after March...

AIC per capita reached 94 points in 2018

Day: 19/06/2019 12:44

Actual Individual Consumption (AIC) per capita in Cyprus reached 94 points in 2018, according to data released today by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU. Cyprus` GDP per capita reached 87% (where 100 is the EU average). Meanwhile in Greece AIC per capita was 76 points and GDP per capita...

Cyprus records trade deficit of €1.4 billion

Day: 19/06/2019 08:33

The total value of the exports of Cyprus reached the  €1.2 billion, a drop of -28% compared to the same period of last year (€0.7billion in the EU, or 96% increase and €0.4 billion with the rest of the world, or -64% drop), according to Eurostat, the statistical service of the...

Hoteliers: Bookings down by 5-10%

Day: 19/06/2019 08:35

Chairman of Cyprus Hotels Association Haris Loizides, said Tuesday that hotels bookings were 5% to 10% down according to the first data for 2019, pointing out the need for Cyprus to explore new markets that would contribute to the prolongation of the tourist season and the emergence of Cyprus as an...

Cyprus’ borrowing cost continues downward trend

Day: 18/06/2019 12:28

The borrowing cost of the Republic of Cyprus is continuing its downward trend, as the ten-year bond yield has fallen to historically low levels in recent months. The 10-year Cypriot bond with a 2.38% coupon issued in September 2018 hit a new historic low of 0.824%, from 0.92%, 10 days ago. The...

Job vacancies up by 79.8% in Q1

Day: 18/06/2019 07:03

The number of job vacancies rose by 3.001 or 79.8% in the first quarter of 2019 and reached 6.762, compared with 3.761 in the same quarter of the previous year, the Statistical Service of Cyprus reported on Friday. Job vacancies increased by 3.372 or 99.5%, compared with the 4th quarter...

The countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) rate at 0%

Day: 18/06/2019 13:24

On 18 June 2019, the Central Bank of Cypus (CBC),  set the CCyB rate for the period 1 July 2019 - 30 September 2019 at 0% of the total risk exposure amount of:(a) each licenced credit institution and(b) each investment firm that:i. provides the investment services of dealing on own account or...

European Economy
European Economy
Blow for Balkan states as EU delays accession talks

Day: 19/06/2019 06:24

Fears on enlargement and Tirana political woes hold Albania and North Macedonia back...

Boris Johnson is making promises he cannot keep, says leadership rival StewartBoris Johnson is making promises he cannot keep, says leadership rival Stewart

Day: 13/06/2019 06:32

Boris Johnson is making promises over Brexit he will not be able to keep if he wins the contest to become Prime Minister, one of his rivals for the top job, Rory Stewart, said on Wednesday...

British candidates for PM take aim at favorite Johnson

Day: 11/06/2019 06:25

A host of candidates to replace Theresa May as British prime minister launched their campaigns on Monday promising to solve the turmoil of Brexit and taking shots at frontrunner Boris Johnson...

Brexit uncertainty drives EU investment boost

Day: 10/06/2019 06:23

Cross-border data show 30 per cent fall in capital entering UK since referendum...

Draghi prepares fresh stimulus as economic fears grow

Day: 07/06/2019 06:32

ECB floats renewal of bond-buying and joins US Fed in considering rate cuts...

Don't fret, Trump tells nervous Ireland, Brexit will work out 'very well'

Day: 06/06/2019 06:16

Donald Trump, arriving in Ireland for the first time as U.S. president on Wednesday, sought to reassure the country that Britain's exit from the European Union would work out fine for its near neighbour...

Donald Trump lavished with royal pomp and pageantry on state visit to UK

Day: 04/06/2019 06:15

Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth hailed the bonds between the United States and the United Kingdom on Monday after the U.S. president...

Donald Trump wades into Britain's 'interesting' Brexit crisis

Day: 03/06/2019 07:00

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in Britain on Monday for a state visit laden with diplomatic peril, after humiliating outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May over Brexit...

May's Conservative Party faces historically worst election result in Brexit crisis

Day: 31/05/2019 06:30

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party would suffer its worst general election result if a vote were held now, according to an opinion poll, as voters frustrated with the deadlock over Brexit rejected the main political parties.

Tusk says Brexit a ‘vaccine’ on continent against populists

Day: 29/05/2019 06:36

Brussels insists the Brexit deal will not be renegotiated...

Greek Economy
Greek Economy
Greek Unemployment, Highest in EU, Dips in Early 2019

Day: 14/06/2019 06:33

Greek national statistics show that unemployment, long the highest in the European Union, fell in the first quarter when compared to last year, but still afflicts around one in five Greeks...

Parliament Officially Dissolved with Posting of Presidential Decree

Day: 12/06/2019 06:22

The presidential decree calling for the dissolution of parliament was posted at parliament on Tuesday, formally opening the campaign period leading to Greek general elections on July 7...

Angry Wave That Brought Tsipras to Power Seen Sweeping Him Out

Day: 11/06/2019 06:23

 Licking his wounds before a July 7 snap polls he called that his major rival Democracy is expected to win, Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras is on the verge of being ousted by the same kind of rage...

Greece Gives Up Chasing Lagarde List, Borjans Tax Cheats

Day: 10/06/2019 06:24

Once the most prominent story in Greece – thousands of wealthy hiding their money in secret bank accounts in Switzerland and Germany...

EU Frets SYRIZA Handouts Could Undo Bailout Reforms

Day: 07/06/2019 06:30

A last-minute flurry of pension bonuses and tax cuts that partially undid austerity measures to which Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed before trying to regain favor with voters could undercut progress...

Ahead of Elections, Tsipras Says Another 10,500 Teacher Hirings Coming

Day: 06/06/2019 06:24

Trailing badly in polls with July 7 snap polls coming, Prime Minister and ruling Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has continued a round of handouts and giveaways and tax cuts with an announcement that another 10,500 teachers will be hired...

Greek Economy Grew 1.3 Pct in Q1

Day: 05/06/2019 06:21

The Greek economy grew by 1.3 pct in the first quarter of 2019, compared with the same period in 2018, with the country’s GDP rising 0.2 pct in comparison with the fourth quarter of 2018...

Piraeus Bank and Intrum Enter Into a Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Day: 04/06/2019 06:17

Piraeus Bank S.A. announces that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Intrum for the management of Non Performing Exposures (“NPE”) and Real Estate Owned Assets (“REOs”)...

Tsipras Mulls How To Get Back 600,000 Votes SYRIZA Lost

Day: 03/06/2019 10:43

Still knocked down after a surprising trouncing for his party’s candidates in the May 26 elections for Greek municipalities and the European Parliament...

Stock Market Opens Up after PM Calls Early Election

Day: 28/05/2019 06:15

Greece’s stock market has opened up 5 percent, the morning after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called snap general elections following a resounding defeat of his left-wing Syriza party in European elections...

World Economy
World Economy
Tanker attacks dash faint hopes of US-Iran tension easing

Day: 14/06/2019 06:32

Despite Abe diplomacy, fears of dangerous ‘miscalculation’ increase...

Hong Kong extradition bill protests erupt into violence

Day: 13/06/2019 06:35

Opponents shut down city in bid to block proposed law seen as threat to territory’s freedoms...

Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads across border to Uganda

Day: 12/06/2019 06:20

Confirmed cross-frontier case marks significant escalation of epidemic...

Mexico faces new deadline to curb migrant ‘exodus’

Day: 11/06/2019 06:21

Donald Trump says US tariff threat may be reinstated if agreement stalls...

South Korea, UK agree to sign free trade deal ahead of Brexit

Day: 10/06/2019 06:21

South Korea and Britain have agreed in principle to sign a separate free trade deal ahead of Britain's exit from the European Union in late October, South Korea's trade ministry said on Monday...

Trump to decide on $300 billion China tariffs after G20 meeting

Day: 07/06/2019 06:31

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he would decide whether to carry out his threat to hit Beijing with tariffs on at least $300 billion in Chinese goods after a meeting of leaders of the world's largest economies late this month...

Defying party, firms, Trump says Mexico tariffs likely

Day: 05/06/2019 06:25

 Defying increasing criticism from within his own party, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would likely go ahead with new tariffs on imports from Mexico...

Few options for Mexico in tariffs battle with Trump

Day: 03/06/2019 10:46

López Obrador faces unequal relationship with US and social crisis in Central America...

Trump to threaten curb on intel sharing with UK over Huawei

Day: 31/05/2019 06:25

Donald Trump will threaten to limit intelligence sharing with Britain if the UK government allows Huawei to build part of the country’s 5G mobile network, a message he plans to deliver in person during his visit to London next week.

Huawei challenges legality of U.S. defense bill

Day: 29/05/2019 06:40

Huawei has filed a motion for summary judgment in its lawsuit against the U.S. government...